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sample projects

  • Objective: Understand structures and funding models for sustainability initiatives; determine business drivers and barriers to sustainability efforts 

  • Results: Prioritize and influence planned offerings related to sustainability; educate field sales on sustainability initiatives and issues

  • Method: Focus groups with senior executives in corporate sustainability positions

Needs Assessment:
Corporate Sustainability Initiatives
  • Objective: Review and garner feedback on architectural expansion and renovation plans for historical country club

  • Results: Prioritization of projects and investments for 5-year facilities improvement plan

  • Method: Focus Group blitz – 15 groups with 185 members in one week

Concept Evaluation: 
Country Club Facilities Expansion
  • Objective: Obtain feedback from target market on new business concept and website

  • Results: Develop appealing value proposition and communicate on website; adjust go-to-market strategy with local emphasis

  • Method: Focus Groups with Millennials

Concept Evaluation:
Brand Affinity Website
Concept Evaluation:
Brand Affinity Website
  • Objective: Understand market drivers of future Clinical Trials statistical computing environments, including adoption of open source technologies. 

  • Results: Develop new SaaS SCE solutions; create thought leadership white papers.

  • Method: In-depth interviews with Top 25 Pharma CIOs and IT directors

Technology Assessment: 
Pharma Statistical
Computing Environments 
  • Objective: Determine brand perceptions of leading business intelligence vendors

  • Results: Determine image attributes for subsequent measurement and message components for advertising campaign

  • Method: Multi-country focus groups with senior-level information technology buyers, coupled with select interviews with vendors

Brand Assessment:
Perceptual Analysis -
Enterprise Software Vendors  
  • Objective: Understand the referral process and differentiating factors for physicians. 

  • Results: Identify and promote service differentiators to referring physicians and patients; enhance existing practice relationships through in-person marketing programs. 

  • Method: National in-depth interviews with variety of referring physicians for a widespread elderly disease.

Competitive Assessment:
New Entrant in
Established Medical market   
  • Objective: Understand evaluation process and decision maker information needs; Uncover true decision factors and competitive strengths/ weaknesses

  • Results: Develop new value propositions for pricing; Improve support for field testing of products; Identify product enhancements needed

  • Method: In-depth interviews with technology purchase decision makers

Customer Experience: 
Technology Deal
Win/Loss Analysis
  • Objective: Identify industry challenges and business pain points; Test marketing messages for advertising campaign

  • Results: Refine messaging and prioritize channels for marketing campaigns; Develop advanced level training classes

  • Method: Full-day onsite session with lead customer representatives from strategic accounts

Customer Experience: 
SaaS  Strategic
Customer Forums
  • Objective: Identify gaps between service expectations and delivery across field network; Identify ways to offer more services and value to customers

  • Results: Identify new facility service offerings and locations for new revenue streams; Identify locations with service inconsistencies for remediation

  • Method: In-depth interviews with various personas at customer sites across nation

Customer Experience: 
Transportation Services Revenue & Value
  • Objective: Build new community-wide partnership with local organizations and constituent groups; Create marketing plan to expand event participation 

  • Results: Forge new partnerships among community organizations; Implement new marketing programs to increase sponsorships and year-round community involvement

  • Method: Half-day event with several dozen community leaders and nonprofit constituents

Customer Experience
Nonprofit Community
Town Hall
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